Clear internal alert data

Is there a way to clear the internal alert data? I have a bunch of alarms showing up in the Alert Summary module that have no alarm time associated with them, but do have a clear time. Since this is a new project I’d just like to clear all the internal alert data.

Also, are there any type of settings for the internal alert data? How long is the data kept for?

And one last thing, does the Alert Summary module only work with the internal alert data or can it be made to use with an alert storage profile?

We store the current states of all alarms in memory on the Ignition Gateway. The alert summary table is just displaying alerts that meet a certain criteria from memory. We have seen it where some alarms stay in memory even though it shouldn’t be there any more.

If you restart Ignition the ones that are not used will not show up at all. Without restarting you can go into the Ignition Gateway configuration page and select Alerting > Console on the left. You can go to the “Test” tab and type in the exact same information for the alerts you want to get rid of and set the message type to cleared. Once you post the alert you won’t see it in the summary table. Again the alert is still in memory until you restart Ignition.

The alert summary table only looks at the current state from memory. There is no way to look at the alert history from that component. You have to create a table and bind it to a query to function binding to get the history.