Clear out date and time fields

I’m using Vision and MySQL.

DateTime fields are populated and saved to the MySQL database. As new Rows are being populated depending, the Time and Date fields are empty, showing on ignitions end, which is perfect. However, once they are saved, setting a DateTime property back to has been challenging. = “null” delivers a "Cannot coerce value ‘null’ into type: class java.util.Date. Invalid date format.
", setting it to “” sets the date to 1/1/1970.

Is there a way to set a Custom Property: Date; to null ( )when it already had a value?

It is just interesting, if you create an expression to pull a date from a DateTime field in a dataset in which is null, it reads , but if you create a empty Date property, null is 1/1/1970.

Thank you

Try setting it with None.

..('DateField').date = None
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