Clear Pipeline not sending messages

I have several alarms that I would like to know if they have been cleared after being active.
I assigned the Clear Pipeline to the same Active Pipeline (the alarms are working fine when they go to an active state) but I do not receive any cleared messages. I have also tried creating a separate pipeline for only the cleared alarms with no logic and only a notification block, still no luck.

I can’t seem to figure out how to get the alarm cleared messages to send out. Anything I’m missing that is blatantly obvious?

Ignition 7.6.2 (b2368)

Yeah, by default cleared is set as a dropout condition on pipelines, so when your events hit the pipeline after clearing they’ll immediately drop out.

Click on the pipeline up on the treeview in the designer and you should see some options that apply to the pipeline as a whole down in the properties pane, including dropout conditions.

Thanks Kevin, that did it for me. Totally misread those property settings at some point.

i have create email notification pipeline:Active and clear both but got only active notification not clear pipeline email. wht can i do for this