Clear tag values on start up


Can you clear or delete the values of all the tags when at start up time of the project? Because now the project remeber the tag values and that should not be possible. The type of my tag is a dataset.

Thanks in advance

Gateway tags, no. They are meant to be persistent. In client tags and component bindings, datasets from query bindings can be set (by default, nowadays) to not hold the values through project save. Other datasets retain the values from the designer because datasets hold configuration values for many objects that would otherwise be lost. You can explicitly control this behaviour using the TransientDataset functions from the Simulation Aids Module.

You can write a script to clear gateway tag values when needed. For dataset tags, that means the value would be an empty dataset, most likely with columns you’ll be using when it is used later. But if you’re tying this to client startup, chances are you should be using either client tags or a dataset custom property. For the latter, if you save it empty in Designer and it will start empty when a client starts.