Clearing a tab strip selection

Is there a way to clear a tabs selection on an event. The problem is that tabs disappear and reappear but whatever tab was selected remains selected. This is causing some issues and I cannot figure out how to clear their selection

Yes, the property is “selectedTab” which you can set to a string containing the tab you want to be selected.

Im looking to have no tab selected at all. When I set it to an empty string the selected tab does not change. I’ve found other ways to work around it by just disabling certain tabs when others are selected.

Hi, Sorry if this is an old trend…but I’m new to ignition 8 and am just wondering how you disabled your tabs…as I currently have 2 tab strips (north and south docked) and when im using the tabs of the south, the north tab still had a highlighted tab…to avoid confusion i would like to have only the current main window tab highlighted.

Thank you