Clearing ignition's designer temp files?

Hello all,
I have a strange scenario that only happends on my computer.

On my navigation window I have a button that calls another window: “Reports/rpt1”
rpt1 was cloned and modified that window for my testing purpose and renamed the original window to “rpt1_original”.
After I am done with my testing, I deleted testing window and restored the original window name to “rpt1”.
Now if I lauch the project (Windowed published) through “F10” and click that button it still lauches the deleted window!
I have restarted the computer and still having the same issue.

If I modify the original window to “rpt12” or whatever and make the necesary changes so the button calls “rpt12” everything works as it supposed to be.
But if I go back to the original name “rpt1” it invokes the temporaly window(which it doesn’t exist in my project windows) I made the other day!

Any suggestions are appreciated