Clearing outstanding Queries

Yesterday I had a poorly written query that was causing a lot of trouble on a system. There were three instances of the query that had been running for nearly 3 hours. Is there a way to see that something like this is occurring so that the system may be fixed before it bogs down the whole system? Is there a way cancel these instances other than restarting the gateway?

You have view any running queries from the status page of the gateway. It will allow you to see if you have any queries running for a long time. The only way to cancel those queries is either to restart the gateway or edit the database connection and just press OK.

So if I am not watching this page, there is no way to alert someone that something is going on. Is that correct?

Actually there are system tags you can put alerts on. We have:


that give you information on how many connections are taken up in the pool. You can alert when the saturation is higher than .90 (90%).

Will do. Thank you very much.

What version was that included in? Just thinkin’ I’m getting further behind the times… :cry:

It looks like they were added in version 7.3.0.