Clearing Row Selector Component

Is it possible to to clear the selections of a Row Selector Component any other way besides closing/opening the Vision Window it resides in? I attempted to use the system.dataset.clearDataset() script on a button component, but that didn’t do it. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Any thoughts on this?

Just wanted to close this topic out with a solution:

.clearSelection() can be used to clear all selections with in the Row Selector component

event.source.parent.getComponent('Row Selector').clearSelection()

Does anyone know if there is method to collapse/expand selections on a Row Selector component?

using the similar method above you should be able to call event.source.parent.getComponent('Row Selector').setExpandAllDataNode(True) (or False) but I haven’t tested it locally.

I believe this property only expands all nodes on windowOpen if set to True.

From manual:

If true, the ‘All Data’ (root) node will be expanded and selected when the user opens this window.