Click a Numeric Label, get popup Easy Chart for the tag

I know this is probably easy but I’ve not figured out how.
I am able to create a Scripting that causes an Easy Chart to come up in a popup window. But I want the Easy Chart to be a template that will trend whatever tag is tied to the Numeric Label that scripted the popup. I’m new to Ignition so forgive me if this is obvious.

Jacky Winters

I have watched the video called “Indirect Easy Chart” and I’ve read a few posts on this forum that touch on the concepts, but I can’t figure out how to pass the Tag Name (and path) from a Numeric Label via a click.

All you have to do is pass the tag name and path as parameters to your to your popup window using system.nav.openWindow.

You can use the Navigation scripting wizard if it’s all that script is going to be doing.

I’ll check this out and let you know if I was able to get it to work.

Where do I find the Navigation Scripting Wizard?
Here is what I am doing:
For example, Numeric Label 7 is bound to a tag.
I right-click the Numeric Label and choose “Scripting…”
From the ‘Component Scripting (Numeric Label 7)’ window, what tab do I want? I tried “Navigation” and set an “Open” on the event “mouseClicked” that points to my pop-up window that has my Easy Chart, but I can’t figure out how in the “Pass Parameters” section to reference that tag to be able to send it as a parameter to that window…
Hope this makes sense.
Thanks for helping a newbie.

You’re in the right place. So what you’ll need to do is set up a property on the popup window root container.

To do this open the popup window right click on the Root Container then Customizers > Custom Properties

Then click the plus sign near the top right corner and add a property.

Then go back to the numeric label go to scripting then to that navigation screen and choose open/swap windows, and check the pass parameters button. Click the plus sign to add a parameter to pass, then under Parameter name click the drop down, you should see the name of the property you created here then put the tagpath into the value section.

If you’re going to be doing this a lot you should make a template.

I can do all of this except “then put the tagpath into the value section.”
How do I point to the tagpath from the Numeric Label? I’ve done templates, and plan for this to be a template. That’s the idea - instead of having to specify every Easy Chart tag, I just want to be able to pass the tag from whatever Numeric Label I’ve clicked on. I feel like I’m so close!
Thanks for helping.

Jacky, I too am new to Ignition, and was looking for the exact same information. You can use the Cell Update Binding feature on the chart data set “Tag Pens”. Select your chart, and under the Chart Configuration, you will see the data set called “Tag Pens”. Click on the binding icon. From the Property Binding dialog, select the “Cell Update” under the Other section of binding types. From there you can bind any property on your window to the TAG_PATH or other pen properties.

Here is a link to the Manual on Cell Update Binding and the video … te+Binding … ty-binding

Hope that helps!

Thanks. I’ve been pulled away from this for the short term but between this information and the help I’ve recently gotten from the tech support folks, I think I’ve about figured it out. Thank you again.