Click on alarm row open related window

I want when operator click on a alarm row on Alarm status table or Alarm Journal table, the related window of that alarm open.
I think of creating a associated data that contain the path of a window for each alarm but I don’t know how to get associated data by selecting a row on alarm tables.


you can read associated data value on an alarm with alarmEvent.get("associated data name")

becarefull if using tag event :

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I put this code in doubleclick event of alarm status table and work perfectly.


The only problem is mouse double click activate event but touch screen double click don’t provoke any event at all. it seems touch screen double click doesn’t detect by ignition.
Did any one seems this issue?

For Alarm Status table there is a property called Selected Alarms which is a dataset of EventID,Source,…,priority of selected alarm in the table.

I need associated data of selected alarm. I can’t use onDoubleClicked event because I use touch screen which is not provoke double click event so alarmEvent.Get() is useless to me.
I need to know how I can retrieve associated data by using EventID or Source of selected alarm?


I need this feature too, i want to query database based on alarm row clicked (single clicked) by user.
Of course i can to this using onDoubeClicked event handler, but i need user clicked once, not double clicked.

I do not know how to implement this, since there is no onSingleClicked event handler.

sorry to comment on an old thread, but I had to do a lot of digging and messing about to get this going…

here is the code I run on the propertyChange event of the Alarm Status Table for when a user clicks on an alarm. It writes the associated data of a property called “Alternate Language” to another component.

Change out “Alternate Language” to whatever the name of the associated data you are looking for.

This is Ignition 7.9.16

from com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.config import Property, BasicProperty
from java.lang import String

if event.propertyName == '_selectedAlarms':
	alarm = event.newValue[0]
	prop = BasicProperty('Alternate Language', String)
	print alarm.get(prop)
	event.source.parent.getComponent('englishDisplayPathLabel').text = alarm.get(prop)