Click on the Reload button of the Power Chart component

I would need to click on the Reload button of the Power Chart component automatically after I launched the view, is it possible to do it ?


Hi Gerardo,

Are the tags not showing up on startup of the view?

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I thought it was a well known issue with the power chart. Binding the provider path doesn’t work very well: the path is only used after a reload, either of the powerchart component, or the page.

Frankly it’s a bit annoying.

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the tags are shown, but for biding to work, I have to click on the reload icon, I think it’s a component bug.
how can i solve?

were you able to run the powerchart component only? did you use a script?

I hardcoded the path into every powerchart I use. It’s only 5 of them so it’s alright I guess…
Context: I have 5 projects inheriting from a base one. Each one needs to use a specific provider, but using a binding to build the path failed and required a reload for it work. Before the reload, it shows every provider, which is not acceptable.
So I extracted the powerchart from the view and placed it in its own view, then embedded it in the original page. Now I can override just the powerchart on the children projects and hardcode the path (actually, just disable the binding which generates the path).
It’s not ideal, but it works.

I should use 60 different path,
Do you know if they fixed the problem ?