CLICK PLC Modbus address mapping

I am communicating OK with Modscan32 with my CLICK plc but cannot communicate through Ignition OPC server.

Have tried several different approaches and still no success.

How are you mapping your addresses, maybe you can post a screenshot of the addressing window so I can see what you are doing.

Thanks I got some help. Working now. Found that in the addressing that the prefix start and end are defined by me and have nothing to do with the prfixes that the PLC uses. Also needed to change to reverse work order on advanced properties.

Hello, I am having somewhat of the same problem. Ignition can already detect the diagnostic tags, but it can’t detect the actual Input Output tags (X001, Y001, etc).
I have the OPC UA server already configured and connected to the click PLC, but I can’t successfully ready any tags from the PLC. I’ve used a combination of the following paths with no luck:
Data type: Boolean:
[Click_PLC]X001 (02)

These aren’t valid Modbus addresses.

Somewhere in your PLC program or configuration you’re going to have to map your tags to Modbus registers and then manually create tags addressing those Modbus registers in Ignition.

See for documentation about the Modbus address syntax used in Ignition.

Thank you Kevin, is there any video tutorial you may be able to provide? It’s the first time I do this so it may take me a while to get the correct syntax to connect to the CLICK PLC

I’ve never used a click, but does this help? (quick google)

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