CLICK PLC tags not being recognized on ignition

my Click PLC is saving a value on C1 (Contact Normally Open Bit memory address).
From Ignition Designer I can’t retrieve the value on the OPC tag. I tried the following combinations with no luck:
Boolean | [Click_PLC]HR1 | [Click_PLC]DI1 | [Click_PLC]C1 | [Click_PLC]IR1 |
Byte | [Click_PLC]HR1 | [Click_PLC]DI1 | [Click_PLC]C1 | [Click_PLC]IR1 |

Ignition OPC UA Server is connected
Click_PLC device is connected via Modbus TCP

Resource used:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Are you sure C1 in the click is modbus address 0x1? The click gui will show you what the modbus addresses are so I would double check that.

Good point. This is what I see

How should I map it on the OPC tag if I know C1 is equivalent to modbus Address 16385?

Try [Click_PLC]C16385

Would also be worth figuring out what unit/slave ID the CLICK is expecting.

Ignition defaults to 0 if not specified. They may want you to use 1 or 255 or something.

Address would look like [Click_PLC]1.C16385 etc…

I was trying to troubleshoot data type Boolean but for some reason I didn’t get it to work.
[Click_PLC]C16385 worked with data type Byte.
Thank you guys