Click PLC thermocouple - can’t pull values

Hello, we’re using a CLICK PLC to read data from a K-type thermocouple. The values all look good from the PLC side - we can see the thermocouple values and can map them to a modbus address (DF9, see below). Ignition also sees the modes address and can connect to it. However, when trying to create the corresponding tags in Ignition it just returns junk values. I’ve tried reversing word order and 0-based addressing but none of that seems to work. I’m open to pointers on what’s going on in order to get this mapping issue figured out. What's confusing is that from looking on other posts about Ignition and CLICK, it should "just work". This is using Ignition Edge 8.1.27.

Try HRF28689 as the address. You're currently addressing only a 16-bit signed int value.