Click response

I’m changing from RSView32 to Ignition and I have operators complaining that they have to “Click” harder or longer on buttons or any input compared to RSView which is running parallel.
As anyone run into this?


You might want to try testing your actions driven off a different event and see if it is an actual problem, or just operators seeing issues that don’t actually exist.

Ignition puts all the logic for a button in an event called action.actionPerformed which if I’m not mistaken gets called after the mouse.mouseReleased event. According to my memory, RSView32 puts the logic in their buttons on what would be equivalent to the mouse.mousePressed event in Ignition.

Ok, first of all, for Momentary Button, where the amount of time that you hold the button down matters, this may be the case. Depending on the installation architecture, you may have a longer critical path for writes than you did with RSView. Or maybe the writes are happening fast but the tag isn’t in a fast scan-class so they can’t see positive feedback very quickly. You can put those tags in a faster scan class.

If you’re talking about buttons other than the momentary button, then I’d agree it probably has to do with how the mouseClicked action works (which then triggers the actionPerformed). mouseClicked only fires when a mousePress and a mouseRelease happen in the same spot. This can feel strange to some people. Feel free to put your logic on mousePressed for a faster feel.

Thanks Carl & gbuehler I’ll give mouse click a try and make sure the button tags are part of the fastest scan class…part of it too is the operators struggling with change.

not to be a pessimist, but that’s probably the entire problem.