Click to Graph databse

It appears to me the Click to Graph components store their data in the default project database. I am building multiple projects that all use the same default database but I want individual databases to store the click to graph pens, saved graphs, etc. Is it easier to change the database settings in the CTG screens or set separate default databases for each project and change the objects I want to go to the “global” database (such as transaction groups)?


I always use separate databases for separate projects. If that isnt an option for you then you can look at adding a project “id” column in the tables and then having a where clause in each of your queries that loads the correct click to graph settings for that project. That will take a little more work because you will have to go thru each click to graph screen and script and modify the queries to contain the project id where clause.

I modified the click to graph setup to be user based. Jim may like his tags setup in a different way than john, so that made better sense to me.

Did you just add a column to each of the tables with a user and then change all of the queries to include that? Is there any documentation on the tables and queries or do I need to get my reverse engineer hat on?