Click to Graph for standard chart [now: easychart selection]

I have implemented the click to graph “goodie” into my project. Our process department wants to be able to click on a point and extract the data for that point. Since the easy chart used in the click to graph sample does not provide this I want to convert this to use the standard chart component. I would then be able to use the selectedData property.

Is this wishful thinking, feasible or is there another way?

You can certianly implement click to chart with the standard chart (indeed, the click-to-chart idea was born before the Easy-Chart days). That said, it’s not fun. It involves a fair amount of scripting, and has a hard time being as free-form as the EasyChart, since the classic chart’s axes and # of datasets are fixed.

I think migrating the selectability feature into the easy chart would be appropriate. I’ve taken the liberty of moving this thread into the Feature Requests forum.