Click to graph... limiting tags by project or user

is there any way that I can limit the tagnames visible when I click on the select pens button? By project would be better but even if I could do it by user that would work. basically I have a few folders with tags, but want the person logged in to only see 1 folder of tags.

Also, can I make it save the saved graphs on the actual client pc or does it have to save them on the gateway?

Are you talking about the list of tags in ‘Tag Path’ dropdown list? That is populated by a script attached to the ‘Datasource’ dropdown, and you can set it to show whatever data you want. The line you need to modify istags = system.db.runQuery("SELECT tagpath FROM %ssqlth_te"% currentdatabase, currentdatasource)You just need to add a where clause to filter them the way you want. IE:tags = system.db.runQuery("SELECT tagpath FROM %ssqlth_te WHERE tagpath like '%%facility2/machine_1/%%'"% currentdatabase, currentdatasource)