Click to Graph with a Power Chart transfer possibility

I have been testing the “Click to Graph” resource by Travis Cox, downloaded from Ignition Exchange. This is a really nice feature that I plan to use in my project.

For my test I have been using the project template “Perspective Menu Nav 8.1” that is available when making a new project. In Perspective the Click to Graph resource adds values from the HMI to a Time Series Chart that pops up from the bottom of the page. What I would like to do is to add a button to this chart that will make all the tags that is in the Time Series Chart at that time, move into a Power Chart. And at the same time, switch view over to the Power Chart.

With this functionality the user can navigate through the HMIs of the project, gathering values of interest in a graph, and with the possibility for further analysis with all the features in the Power Chart.

Is this possible? And can someone point me in the right direction on how to? FYI, this is my first project in Ignition.

Welcome @daniel1 :slight_smile:

Firstly are you familiar with the IU videos and the Elective Studies? Although they won’t answer your question specifically, I would recommend taking the time to briefly look through them before/whilst you work on your first project.

To do something like this the manual is your new best friend. Specifically (but not exhaustive):

I suppose my first question is, why not just replace the Time Series Chart with the Power Chart instead of transferring the data from one to the other?

Hi @matthew.ayre, thank you for the quick reply :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been through the IU videos, very nice to have. Will check out the elective studies.

When looking at a process in a HMI, I think the Time Series Chart at the bottom of the view is nice to quickly check the trend on a few values. But say I want to take in both float and boolean values, maybe divide into separate axis and plots, export data and so on, the Power Chart on a full page is better.

So instead of browsing the tags inside a Power Chart, the user can easily add tags directly from the HMIs. And having the possibility of quickly checking the trend in the same view, or switching over to the Power Chart in another view for deeper analysis.

That makes sense :slight_smile:

I would start by looking at the different ways the chart’s require their data sources to be formatted. I am not familiar with the examples myself (might have a play tonight if I get a chance), but I’m guessing the Time Series Chart is using a tag history binding or something similar to get the data. This differs from the Power Chart which expects a data source in the format of a string (a path to the specific data you want to represent).

You will need to find a way to record all the references to the tags used in the time series chart and pass them to the Power Chart view. Have a play and post here if you run into any specific issues.