Click to Graph

I am brand new to FactoryPMI and wanted to setup the Click to Graph, after following instructions I tried to test it by right clicking the multistate indicator and I get this error:

Traceback (innermost last):
File “event:mousePressed”, line 2, in ?
File “module:ctg”, line 27, in showPopup
ValueError: Connection Error: Datasource “CTGDB” does not exist in this Gateway.

So it seems to me that tables did not txfer correctly? I even deleted everything and reinstalled. Not sure what I did wrong please help!

I just quickly looked over the Click to Graph instructions, and it looks like there’s one small point left out. Apparently the click to graph code is looking for a datasource with that name on the gateway, which understandably you don’t have.

Go to the gateway, and go to the configuration section. Under “Datasources”>“Connections”, add a new connection named “CTGDB”. Point it to the database where you installed the SQL script that came with the click to graph module. You should now be good to go.