Clickable Invisible button

I am trying to create an invisible button that opens a popup window when clicked on, but when it’s clicked on while invisible it ignores the click. Is there any solutions for this or other options.

I’m not sure why you would want to do this? But…if you need it try setting the button’s background to the same color as the screen background. Then change the border to none, and deselect the Background 3d option. Delete the text, or set as same color as the background.

Are you saying you just want to hide the button at times and not allow clicking? Or do you actually want it invisible AND clickable at the same time?

If the first case, just use the ‘ActionPerformed’ script for the button and toggle the ‘Visible’ property as needed.

If the 2nd option I would follow dkhayes approach. Or use a shape or something instead of a button maybe.

To accept clicks, visible property must be true. You can, however change colours and borders. I haven’t tried on a button as we don’t make much use of them, but, if you can’t accomplish invisibility via colour/border settings with the visible property true on one of them, you can use a rectangle with transparent fill and border and script the button actions you need. This results in a fully invisible button that won’t obscure detail behind it, yet accepts clicks.