Clickhouse connection

I would like help connecting Ignition to Clickhouse db. I have installed .jdbc driver and I have heard its postgres like so defaulted driver type and translator that way without success.

FWIW here is pathway to working solution.

  • For 8.x gateways the clickhouse-jdbc-0.1.54.jar available from works with basic driver config per IA documentaion.
  • For 7.9.x gateways the pre-built JAR gives errors in gateway log indicating missing Apache dependencies. Work-around is to build the JAR with dependencies directly from GitHub source using following commands:
git clone
cd clickhouse-jdbc
mvn package assembly:single -DskipTests=true
cp target/clickhouse-jdbc-0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar clickhouse-jdbc-with-dependencies.jar
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