Clicking on Embedded View - no actionPerformed

I have a screen that shows a summary of various process cells in embedded views. These embedded views do not have any buttons, just some gauges and spark lines. I want a user to be able to click anywhere on the embedded view to ‘dig deeper’ aka show a new screen. My understanding is that on a button, it is best practice to use actionPerformed instead of onClick because of the various ways you can press a button, aka touchscreen as well. So how can I make sure no matter where a user clicks or touches on an embedded view, it runs a script to change a view?

See the end of this recent blog post. In most cases it should just work. The event will propagate up to the view. There will be, however, some more complex components that will stop propagation internally in order to manage their own events in some unique way. I’d suggest just adding a click event action to your view and go from there.