ClickToChart Slow to Load

I have implemented the ClickToChart application for many of the devices at our plant. I am having issues with one area where we have been collecting data for many years. There are probably about 3 million rows in the table for the device.

When I try pulling up any of the device measurements into the ClickToChart it will say loading for several minutes in the bottom right and eventually time out. Sometimes it will pull up information into the chart, but never in real-time only historical.

I have put a where clause on the pen

t_stamp > DATEADD(week, - 1, GETDATE())

with no change. What can I do to alleviate the problem?

This sounds like it might just be caused by a missing index. Are all of the columns you’re using in the WHERE clause (by default, just the t_stamp column) indexed?

it looks like the only index is on column tblFiltration_ndx

Oh yeah, add a t_stamp index and it should be dramatically faster.