Client and Docked Window Disappearing

One particular deployment of our Ignition project, there are several deployments on various PC models, is having some strange issues. A couple of times now the client has disappear/closed. After this happens trying to reopen the client takes the user to a log in screen but they are not able to log in. On one account the user noted that the gateway control utility showed the gateway was not running. Rebooting the PC resolved the situation.

The other issue, that I will mention her because of similarities, is that that a couple of times the a docked window has disappeared from the client. This docked window is our navigation bar that is docked along the bottom of the screen.

These problems have all happened on only one PC running our Ignition project. The computer specs are:

  • 32 bit (different from all the other PCs)

  • Java 7 (Newer version than all the other PCs)

  • Ignition 7.6.6

  • PC Hardware is different for each instance of our Ignition project

  • Should we update Java on the PC (I am told a Java update prompt appeared)?

  • Are there special steps to take when updating Java (I’ve heard of problems with activation being removed)?

  • Are there any logs other than the wrapper files that we should capture when this happens such as a Java log perhaps?