Client can't connect ValidationException


New Ignition admin/user here.

Client was previously working, and now has stopped.

Running Ignition on Linux, and client to OSX office machine.

When I run the client, it:

  1. Successfully connects to the gateway and lists my available projects.
  2. I click on a project, and see the client downloading many files for the project.
  3. Then, client stops and reports “ValidationException: Unable to communicate with gateway”

Details that might help diagnose the issue

  • Enabled SSL on ignition. I now connect to the gateway in my browser at:
  • Pointing client to connects, downloads files, and gives error as described above
  • Pointing client to fails to connect - returns an “Unexpected end of file” error
  • I’ve tried deleting local ignition client folder, didn’t help

Any ideas on how to tackle this?


I know this is too late, but it is one of 3 google results on this error, and the others don’t fix it either.

I was having the same issue, and support actually helped me get through it.

I think something is going on where the client doesn’t know what ports to connect to the gateway on.

In my case, I’m running on 80 for http and 8043 for ssl, forcing SSL, so it redirects web clients over to the secure login page.

So, when you manually add the gateway in the client launcher, instead of using:


Then launch it. It worked for me. I tried with just one of the ports, but it did not help, it needed both. Pretty annoying, but at least I’m up and running again.

Good luck everyone.