Client Computers

As we start to deploy Ignition I am going to need a number of touchscreen enabled all-in-one computers on the floor. Does anyone have any suggestions on brand/config?


What kind of environment are you in?

We are a pretty heavy wash down production environment and we use Comark washdown PC’s. They hold up fairly well considering the conditions. I would recommend them. I’ve also heard good things about the Siemens industrial panel PC’s. If you’re not going to deploy them in wash down areas then they are probably a little overkill and you could save some money by going to a less harsh environment type PC setup.

We do not have any washdown or explosion proof requirements. The biggest issue we have is dust.

We use Beckhoff and Nexcom panel computers.

Personally I’m not a fan of the all-in-one concept. To many times I have seen the screen get jacked up which makes the PC component useless. Prior to Ignition that meant hours wasted installing all the software to get it back into production. Not to mention the higher hardware replacement costs.

We have gone the route of separating the PC from the display. Typically we use a Phoenix Contact industrial PC with a Hope Industrial display. Hope displays are cheap and easy to replace. Can’t recommend the Phoenix Contact PC, hasn’t been updated in a long time, it’s due. Been a solid performer otherwise.

I have seen the Siemens solution, and was happy with what I saw but the design was probably overkill for our needs which was reflected in the price point. If you need an all-in-one years ago I had experience with B&R Panel PCs and Automation PCs, those are a really nice product. Downside is the US distribution is a bit lacking so lead time is a bit long. But they may have improved that in the past few years.

I have used Hope Industrial touch monitors with a Logic Supply fanless computer attached to the VESA mount on the monitor with good success. Logic Supply has various models (make sure the temp specs fit your application) and most come with your choice of Windows or Ubuntu Linux.

Teguar has some good products, either all in one, or separate screen and CPU. I’m testing one of their all-in-ones that usually runs windows, but we’ve gotten it running Linux successfully. It runs an ignition client respectably. I can scrounge up a part number if anyone is interested.