Client CPU high

ignition v7.9.9, the client pc : win10,16G
when I open and close many pop windows, the client cpu become high, then I set the pop windows cache to never or auto or always, CPU usage remains the same, how do I find out why? At the same time, CPU usage and memory on the ignition’s server pc are normal.

That usually means you’ve created an infinite loop in your events or circular reference in your bindings. Unfortunately, there’s so many possibilities that there isn’t any sure-fire way to nail it down. Start by watching CPU while opening each window to see if the problem starts with a particular window.

when I close the pop window, the infinite loop in my events or circular reference can end?

Not necessarily. Open them one at a time. If it starts with the popup window, then you need to investigate that window.

when I turning on and off the same popup windows over and over again, about 20 times, can increase CPU utilization to 60%. these popup windows use propety changes events, there are some operations to query the database(sql server), but the amount of data being queried is very small

Do you have tab strips in your popups?

No,has butten, chart, numeric text fieid, alarm status table

Ok, I asked because a tab strip with cell bindings have been known to cause problems.

Any scripting? Has this always happened, or just recently? If just recently, what’s changed?


Maybe an easy way to troubleshoot is to selectively remove components until it stops, to isolate which component(s) is causing the problem. I would also call IA support and get them involved.

It might help to install JDK 8 or 9 on that client, depending what you are running it with now, and then use the jps tool to get the pid of the client and then jstack to capture a few thread dumps while the CPU usage is high. Maybe we can see something there.