Client crash/freeze


One particular window of my clients freezes at least twice in 8 hours. This window uses quite a big UDT composed mainly of OPC tags binded dynamically to a template… there is also some scripting behind. I was trying to find the root cause so I simplified my script and made few changes but the freeze is still occurring. I’m using default scan class for my OPC tags (1000ms), I was wondering if this could come from the scan class ? maybe I should set it to 5sec at least?

I would maybe check the memory the client is using. Might be worth adding some allowed memory to the application if your computers can spare it. I think the default is 1GB, and if you hit that you may start seeing some performance issues like that.

I’m not sure if scan class will effect the client performance since tags are ran mostly on the gateway, but polling rates for the window might be able to be slowed down to help performance as well.