Client crash on mouseover text

Ignition v7.6.6 is installed on Windows 7 x64 with Java 7 update 45. Upon launching the client on the gateway machine, normal operation occurs until I hover the mouse over an object with mouseover text. After a second when I would expect the text to pop up, the client closes (disappears) without any message. A Java crash report is generated (attached). Initially had this system with the latest version of Java 7 update 60. Rolled back Java to update 45 to see if this error would not occur with no luck. Not sure if this is relevant, but this behavior occurs when logged in locally on the machine but seems stable (no crash) when logged in via remote desktop. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

We have this very same issue but it only happens to this one display (Plasma TV) on a multi display PC.

The PC is running Windows 7 64bit and only displays Ignition V7.6.6 clients.

It is a weird thing as the other 5 monitors have no issues.

IT are looking into the display driver…

I want you to use the Native Client Launcher to troubleshoot this issue. You will need to change your Java version back to the version that was causing this issue.

First we will need to add an additional argument to the launch.xml file for the Native Client Launcher(NCL). If you haven’t already launched a client with the NCL please do so now so we have the necessary files to continue.

You will need to go to


Once there open the launch.xml file with a text editor. When you have it open we will be adding


to the , it should now look like this

<other-args> <arg>-Dsun.awt.nopixfmt=true</arg> </other-args>

Now reproduce the issue. The logs you will want to attach to the thread will be found at


Hi Greg,

I added your addition to the Launch.xml and launched a client through the Windows Native client launcher on the monitor that was having the issue and the mouse-over works without issue.

Relaunching through the gateway and it closes the client on a mouse over as it did before.

Is there something in the log you are looking for?



I was able to resolve this issue on my machine by updating the display driver for my add-on video card. When I first installed it Windows 7 installed its plug and play driver which worked fine in every way but must have had some issue with Java. There were times when launching the Java configuration console would lock up and need to be forced closed so I thought there might be a connection. Updating to the latest driver from the video card manufacturer’s website has so far resolved this issue as it has not occurred at all since this was done.