Client Crashing When Closing and Opening


In my work, I have created a signage system for TVs around the plant. They each run as Vision clients that display PDFs uploaded by users. This was all contained in a single window.

In a new version update, I added the ability to display other Vision windows in rotation with PDFs. In order to make this work, I open a 2nd window and “hold” a timer on the original window. A timer on the 2nd window will close itself, and the 1st window will resume to the next item to display. The 1st window will NEVER close.

I got this implemented successfully. However, after coming in each morning, I noticed TVs that were displaying and closing 2nd windows would have their clients frozen. This makes me suspect that closing a 2nd window over and over is not entirely releasing memory.

Could this process be causing a memory leak? Just wondering if anyone has tried something similar and run into the issue. I can provide more information if needed. Thanks!

What do you see in the logs? I have projects where they are opening and closing windows many times an hour 24/7/365 and there are zero events like what you describe. Also if there is a bug causing this your version would help identify.