Client Display Issue

Content of the Screen is distorted in one of the client. Resume it is because of the resolution of particular client? Please Clarify

Without knowing what the differences are between clients or how your project windows are set up, all we can say is ‘probably’. Generally speaking, the more details you can give, the better the answers become.

If the layout constraints of components are kept at the defaults, then they will stretch or shrink to fill the space.

Minimum window size of the project can also be a factor.

Again, this is just speculation at this point.

You didn’t mention your Ignition version, but at some point Java gained support for high DPI, which means on Windows it may look different depending on the DPI / magnification setting on each client.

To add to @JordanCClark, if you’ve set anything to not maintain aspect ratio, then that’s when you’ll see distortion.
Whoops, didn’t see how long ago this was posted, you’ve probably solved your issue by now :smile: