Client does note open if backup server is not accessible

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I have the same problem here. It seems that the solution is to upgrade to version 8.1. I have two questions on that:

  1. Will my licenses work straightaway from 8.0 to 8.1?
  2. Is there an upcoming upgrade that would solve it on 8.0?

My current modules are:

Thank you.

  1. No. You’ll need to talk to your sales agent about BasicCare support, which would entitle you to an upgrade.

  2. No, because it is already end of life. No more upgrades for v8.0.

See this discussion and linked discussions of Ignition’s Long-Term-Support policies:

Hi @pturmel, thank you very much for your always prompt and accurate responses. I will contact our local IA representative here in Australia and plan for an upgrade to the next LTS version.

In between, I found a workaround. I noticed that the launcher that comes on version v8.1 opens the v8.0 project even when the backup server is down. Hopefully, this palliative solution will not bring more harm than good.

Just to illustrate what we have now:

  • 10 clients (HMIs) in the automation network have access to both Ignition servers and are using the Vision Client Launcher v1.0.17.
  • Intermittent remote clients (initiated and terminated by users) in the corporative network are using the Vision Client Launcher v1.1.7

The customer intends to fix the infrastructure problem that caused the backup server to lose connection to the corporative network in the coming days.

Once again, thank you.

I would not expect any harm from this. Good catch!