Client event script (keystroke) doesn´t run on screen2 (multiple monitors)


I have a project running on dual monitors. (open with system.gui.openDesktop(…)
In my project I have a Client Event script, Keystroke Script. (that´s muting my Alarm Sound)

Everything works fine when the primary screen is “in focus”, but when the project on screen2 is marked/in focus the keystroke script won´t be executed.
Any ideas why?

Regards, Michael

Sounds like a bug. A second desktop window uses its own set of ancestor listeners to catch global keystrokes, and the client event keystroke listeners would have to be added when the second desktop opens.

I can confirm this is not working, has this been addressed by Inductive?

It´s has been confirmed by Inductive as a bug. I reported this in February, and the status of this ticket is now; In Progress.

The answer from support:
This is actually an existing bug. Unfortunately I don’t have a workaround for you at this point, but I can keep you updated on the ticket’s progress.

I’m still experiencing this issue on 7.9.11
Any advice on how to manually copy these event listeners to the child displays?