Client Event Scripts

(1) Insert Property Reference icon
(2) Insert Tag icon
(3) Cut, Copy, and Paste


Ctrl+x, Ctrl+c, and Ctrl+v work. The option to right-click and select cut, copy, paste will be nice.

Hi @justice5555 - Are these steps to copy-paste the tag Client Tag Events script? If so, could you clarify the steps a bit? Not sure how to insert a Tag icon or a Property Reference icon.

Scripts that execute in the Client on a specific mouse click

The original post was a request to add the buttons to select and insert properties and tags in the client event script editor like in other script editors, as well as right-click options to cut, copy, and paste (as noted, Ctrl-x/c/v work).

@hachjessed are you looking for the option to run a script when a specific mouse button is clicked regardless of what is clicked on?

@witman Yes, that is exactly what I am looking for. Know of any options for capturing a mouse click anywhere within a window?

You could put a transparent rectangle over the entire window and put the script in it. Beware this will capture all mouse clicks, preventing them from acting on anything behind this rectangle. If that’s not desirable, consider putting the script on a background rectangle instead with anything else that should accept clicks in front of it so clicking anywhere other than on the other items that accept clicks will trigger the script on the background.