Client Freeze/Crash

Our server is running 7.6.4 (b2013112117) 64 bit and java 7v45

Our customer client is continually crashing on him. The only way to recover is crt-alt-del
and a Java SE Binary Platform error comes up.
This happens on both laptops running Java 7v45 and 7v51
It sometimes seems to be after a sequence of viewing the alarm summary and then trends.

On my own machine it can happen sometimes when I am in designer and switch back to client it wont’ open. The icon in the task manager changes form ignition with the tick to a java symbol. I have Java 7v51

I changed the client memory usage in the project from 256M to 512M but didn’t seem make any differrence.

We are also getting a Java Heap Space error. Does this refer to the server running ignition or the client?

Where are you seeing the heap space error?

on the client mostly
ie update of project

Well that’s probably not a good sign. Is there any kind of stack trace or error message you can capture?

When the clients crash they sometimes leave a hs_err_pid[0000].log lying around somewhere on your hard drive… can you find one? There may not be one if it’s an OutOfMemory situation and not a hard crash though.

I can’t find anything of that format on my laptop

Do you think the 2 errors are related?

I have some Java trace/log files I would like ye to look at. how do I submitt them?

support at

I have tried to email 4 times and each time it returning to me.
No problems emailing other people

What size is the file? What’s the error message coming back from your mail server when it bounces?

Hmm, you’re not the only one reporting that emails to support are bouncing. Yikes. :open_mouth: :confused:

the attachement only 16kb.Tried once more and it come back again

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

  Subject:	java logs
  Sent:	30/01/2014 16:22

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

  []( on 30/01/2014 16:23
        The e-mail system was unable to deliver the message, but did not report a specific reason.  Check the address and try again.  If it still fails, contact your system administrator.
        < #5.0.0 smtp; 5.1.0 - Unknown address error 550-'No such user ([](' (delivery attempts: 0)>

We modified the ignition.conf file to 4096MB but the crash/freeze is still occuring on the client machines

The clients are running out of memory for some reason, not the gateway. You may need to call into support so they can interrogate you and perhaps investigate your project(s)…

In Project Properties,Client,Lauching
I changed the client max memory from 512M to 2048M
THis resulted in an error when starting the client “Could not create the Java Virtual Machine…A fatal exception has occurred…Program will exit”
I reduced the max back to 768M and so far so good I haven’t been able to recreate a freeze.
If it does re-occur I will ring technical support.

Out of curiosity how many records are the trends returning?

Where can I find that figure?
Each trend could have between 1 and 20 SQL Tag Historian Pens. The user may have only 2/3 selected at a time and the startup time range is an hour but user may expand up to 366 days.
Each historical scanclass is 60000ms

There should be a dataset property on the component. This should show you the number of rows being returned.

Should look like this