Client freeze when project is published

I found an issue using ‘openWindowInstance’ to open multiple times the same window.

To replicate the bug, I created a small project, containing only a main window and a popup window.
On the main window I just created a push button that opens the popup using the function openWindowInstance.

If I run the project, open two popups and then publish the project using ‘File/Save and publish’, even without making any change to the project, the client updates correctly for the first few times, then it freezes and uses a lot of cpu (usually the forth time the project is published, just keep both popups open).

If I do the same procedure with just 1 popup, the client updates correctly every time.

I attached the project I used for this test.

The gateway runs on a server with Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, while I use my Windows 7 Professional as client. JRE 7 is updated to the last version.

Can someone replicate my problem and help me?

TestBug_2014-10-07_1323.proj (8.91 KB)

Can you try upgrading to 7.6.7 (or 7.7.0)? There was a bug in openWindowInstance that was introduced in 7.6.4 and fixed in 7.6.7-rc3 that may be involved here.

I’m downloading 7.6.7, we have licenses for that release. I’ll give it a try.

In the change log I found:

Fixed - system.nav.openWindowInstance no longer duplicates instances when client is updated.

When I run into the problem, the window was still a little bit usable, and I saw a lot of popups on the same place as the last open popup. I hope this release will solve the problem.

I’ll let you know asap…

Thank you!

Version 7.6.7 (released, I did not try rc3) fixed the bug! :thumb_right: