Client Freezes On Startup possible java issue

I’ve ran into an issue that I believe to be java related. on 2 PC’s I am using for a job. I can access the gateways web page and run the client. but once I am through the java splash screen and the ignition start up screen. I come to the grey screen where the client is starting with the loading circle at the top of the page. then both java and the client stop responding and freeze. I get a java warning in the console

Could not create prefs root node software\javasoft\prefs at root 0…
WARN[prefs-Thread-13] could not open/create prefs root node software\javasoft…

I cannot see the whole log because the java web launcher is not responding. both computers are running windows 7 64 bits. I am running ignition v 7.8.3 on my computer with java 8_101. I have tried different versions of java on both machines. the oddest part of it all is I can run the client from various other PC’s in my office and everything works fine.

any insight would be much appreciated.

Try the following:
Download the .JNLP file for the client to your computer.
Right click the file, Run As Administrator

If this does not work, and you’re moderately comfortable in the Registry, you could try creating keys at the following locations:


Thanks for the reply. I have manually created the Prefs Keys in the registry and successfully got rid of the java console error. although I still have had no success running the client. I can access the designer and gateway without any issues. for some reason I just cannot run the client. I have attached a snapshot of the java console after I created the key. i’m not sure if this helps any.

Does the Native Client Launcher (further down on the Gateway page) perform any differently?

if I create the ‘Prefs’ key in javasoft the client launcher runs and I can select the gateway to connect too. but still the client doesn’t run. I have an older application in my office (ignition v7.7.4) and I can run the clients fine on these computers. I’ve checked the registry of the computer that holds the server / license and there is no “Prefs” key created in the locations below.


I am wondering if my issue is that my machine has somehow created these keys but are not required and that’s what is causing issues with me launching the clients from my pc? I am wondering if I should try removing the Prefs key from my machine and seeing what happens.

PGriffith thanks for the help. I figured out how to fix my issue. I changed my client maximum initial memory to 1GB and my Gateway maximum memory to 8GB and no more issues. the client was using about 356-518 Mb of memory to load. the default client maximum setting was 256 by default. this was caused mostly from my bone headed move of trying to open 8 or 9 main displays on start up but not realizing it. which also contributed to very long switch user, and logout functions. thanks again.