Client freezes

I had a customer report to me that their Ignition client froze on them and when they would press buttons on the window, nothing would happen. I have a button that loads another screen as a pop-up and they were trying to get that pop-up. This project also has a header and footer windows that my customer said were gone. These windows should always be visible.

I have not seen this issue first hand and I am attemping to go online remotely with the client to try and access any logs that might be available for this time frame.

I had the customer power cycle the client and after that was done the client was back and working normally.

Are there any cases where the client would no longer accept button presses and also close out windows that are always supposed to be opened (header and footer)?

No, that certainly sounds odd. I suppose it could have happened on a hot-update, where the windows are all closed, the update is applied, and then they are re-opened. Perhaps something went wrong re-opening one of the windows and that caused the other windows to not open and the UI to stop responding. Turning on the Java console or logging (Java Control Panel > Advanced ) might be a good idea, especially if you can reproduce the issue.