Client Going off Monitor

I have a problem where the client is going off the screen on the bottom and right side by about 20 pixels. I noticed the problem for the first time while viewing the client ,that was open on the server, through a remote desktop session. I thought the problem was related to remote desktop. Windows was displaying properly without going off the screen. After closing/opening the client the problem went away.

Today I was onsite and saw the same problem in person at the server, no remote desktop involved. Restarting the client fixed the problem again.

I am unable to reproduce this. Currently I am going to leave the client going and see if the problem returns. Once suspicion I had was that the closing the remote desktop session could cause the problem but I have tried that and still not able to reproduce.

Ignition version is 7.6.6
Client/User Interface/Minimum Size: 1500x900
Client/Launching/Java Web Start Properties: 1024x768
Monitor: 1920x1080
North Dock window: 1276x45
South Docked window: 1410x60
Main Window: 1916x971

Client displays full screen normally: 1920x1080