Client Hardware Requirements

Hi all,

where can I find the system requirements for:
1- Virtual Machine Server (Gateway)
2- Vision client hardware (Client PC)
3- Perspective hardware

Thanks in advance.

There’s no one answer. All of the above can run on machines as wimpy as a Raspberry Pi. We would need a lot of detail on how big and responsive a system you need, and how many clients of each kind, and how complex the screens will be, and how many tags you need, and how fast they need to update, and how many devices will be hooked up, and what kind of networks will connect everything together, and how long will you need to save history…


Thanks for your reply,

What I meant is the minimum system requirements.

My application is limited to 510 external tags, short-term data logging, monitoring screens (nothing complex), Ethernet network.

Thanks again.

Hi everyone,

any update on the inquiry? If I were to install the ignition gateway on a virtual machine, what would be the minimum system hardware requirements?


Raspberry Pi is probably safe to call minimum specs, but it doesn’t sound like that’s what you’re aiming for. From

You can get away with less, depending on your project requirements (or you might need more).

For some examples, we run a lightly loaded historian and a few simple Perspective projects for a few mobile users on a VM with single Intel Xeon E5-2603 1.6 GHz core (typical Ignition usage ~40%) and 4 GB RAM (~2.3 GB total in use). We also run Vision server/clients on Intel Atom® E3845, 1.91 GHz units where the 4 GB RAM sometimes feels tight, but works.

Clients can run on pretty minimal specs in most cases, but again, this is project dependant. To take advantage of bundled Java, you’d want a 64-bit OS.

Thanks a lot, very much appreciated.