Client Inactivity Time Reset

Looking for a solution on a multimonitor setup where I can reset the inactivity timer on the client sessions to zero by simulating a mouse movement or keyboard press when any of the other sessions
running on the same computer with the identical hostname switches usernames.

When one client user switches their username, we are using a client message to switch the current user to the new user account that logged in.

The problem is that when the client message script is executed and the new user is logged into all sessions running on the host, the client inactivity script automatically logs out these inactive sessions because the respective inactivity timer has expired.

When all client sessions running on the multimonitor setup have exceeded the inactivity timer setpoint, this would be the trigger for switching all client sessions to the ‘default’ read only user.

It sounds like you’re using the older style of multi-monitor support, by launching totally separate clients. If you’re able to update to Ignition 7.9, you can have one client run multiple ‘desktops’ and only have to handle things like login/timeout logic on one client.

I have used the Multi-monitor features. It works well to display it as desired. I have come across another problem however. Each monitor needs to be displaying a different window. The navigation we use is 2-tiered. It uses the client tag CurrentWindow to keep track of where the user is. This method breaks the 2-tiered navigation because the original clients position is trumping the other clients CurrentWindow because the client tags are shared.