Client Keystroke event script

I’m allowing users with certain roles to display a main menu page by pressing a key combination. I chose [Control] A (Pressed) which seemed to work well, but then I found that if the user highlights a line in a table or list the event script doesn’t fire, apparently until they display another window, at which point it works again.

I couldn’t get [Control] ‘A’ (Typed) to work at all, but [Control] A (Released) works perfectly.

Any idea what’s happening?

Without replicating it, it sounds like the table/list is consuming that key event. Will have to investigate further.

Hi Al,

On tables and lists, control-A will select all the rows if you have the “Selection Mode” property set to “Single Interval” or “Multiple Interval”. Even if the selection mode is set to “Single”, it’s probably still consuming the event, like Carl said. I use control-A all the time when I have rows of a table that contain time intervals that show up on a trend and I want to see everything. Maybe you’re better off trying a different combination that’s not a standard windows clipboard shortcut. I’d avoid shortcuts like control-X, control-V, control-S, etc.