Client launch error!

I’m facing a serious client launching error.;-

The problem occurred when my C:\ drive went full and I changed my database path to different drive. While restoring the backup, when I launch the client, it shows above error. Ignition v7.9.4

A NoSuchMethodError typically indicates a version conflict. Check your installed modules on the gateway and make sure that they line up with the versions for your gateway:

I have all modules as per 7.9.4’s requirements. Should I upgrade the modules to 7.9.8 compatibility?

Do you have any installed modules (Gateway -> Status -> Modules) that have an earlier or later version number than the Gateway platform (which is 7.9.4)?

After restore Modbus v2 module had downgraded from 7.9.4 to 7.9.0 but I have now installed 7.9.4 compatible module.

So all of the modules are now perfectly in line with 7.9.4. Can you remove the .ignition cache folder and then relaunch the client?

Follow these steps -

I have 2 TB hard drive on my server where C:\ has been allocated 200GB space while E:\ has been allocated with remaining 1.6 TB. Kindly help me configure Store & Forward settings such that any logs beyond a year or two get deleted automatically. Currently those are at default 250MB cache settings,

  1. Are you able to access the gateway web page?. First check the Modules status page. Final source to sort out the problem is Gateway logs.

  2. Install Ignition on a test machine, restore your project and see what happens.

  3. Call Ignition support and follow their instruction.

The problem is resolved. There was some issue with Vision module.

Updated link: