Client launch for redundant server?

I am on 7.9.6 and trying to get a client launcher to work on a thin client. I have redundant Ignition servers and would like a shortcut in the Startup folder to open the Ignition project when a user starts up the thin client. The technique for direct link in
Direct Link works, but I do not know if it can automatically go to the backup when the primary server is down. The Native Client Launchers topic in the Use Manual looks like it would handle redundancy, but there is a mention that it is a feature in 7.9.10, which I presume means I would have to upgrade to use it.

Is there a best way to accomplish what I am trying to do?

Have the client launcher put a shortcut on the desktop and look at its properties. If it’s redundant, a gateway.backup.addr entry should already be in the Target property of the shortcut.

Thanks for the reply. I am not getting the backup.addr in the shortcut; it looks like there is a 256 character limit, so maybe it is being truncated. The user manual talks about creating a zip file containing the client-launcher folder, which contains the launch.xml file. Perhaps that is where backup.addr get specified, but it is unclear how to make this work