Client Launch Icon Size

What is the recommend size for Client Launch Icons? I have some custom icons that I want to use, but they are too large. Is there a recommended format for the icons (jpeg, png, etc)?


I’ll go a step further. Would it be possible to use a separate picture that shows on the Launch Page from the icon that gets created?

It is best to use a png that is 32x32. It is not possible to separate the icon from the shortcut and the icon on the webpage.

Currently, no. But possible as a future enhancement, perhaps?

Yeah, this could be done as minor feature

You can create your own desktop shortcut that points to “C:\Windows\System32\javaws.exe http://IP:PORT/main/system/launch/client/PROJECT_NAME.jnlp”. You can then assign whatever icon to this shortcut that you want. Of course it has to be a *.ico format. If you have a 32x32 file you can convert it to a BMP and change the extension to ICO. There are other tools out there for creating icons also.