Client Launch - Start Maximized in Linux

In Ubuntu Linux (10.10), the Start Maximized check box for Client Launch properties doesn’t seem to function. The client doesn’t start maximized. This property seems to work fine with windows clients.

That matches what we’ve found. The ‘Hide Exit Button’ setting doesn’t work either.

Hmm… I know you’re going to hate to heard this, but it works for me on 32-bit 10.10.

This isn’t critical issue for us, just passing along some information. In the originally reported instance, it is 64 bit Java and Ubuntu 10.10. I did some additional testing on some Virtual Machines. Loading a client in Ubuntu 11.04 32 bit and it’s fine. Also tried OpenSolaris 64 bit, not fine - doesn’t maximize. Seems its a 64-bit thing.

Thats a good lead, I’ll see what I can discover.

I know this is a fairly old thread, but I’m running v7.2.8 on Ubuntu 10.04 64bit launching a client on an HP t5535 thin client that runs Debian Linux. I’m launching the client directly by pointing it back to the server for the .jnlp file, but for any case, it won’t start maximized and the auto login fails. Both features are pretty much necessary, since they use touchscreens. Any help would be appreciated.

Just to note the solution I found for the above was to manually put the .jnlp file on the client and pointed the Java WebStart desktop launcher to it, which apparently fixed both issues. Not entirely sure I have the right .jnlp file, since I had to copy it from a Windows cleint, but it works.

Glad you got it working, although I’m not certain why that worked… the JNLPs should be identical though.