Client Launch Very Slow

Our issue is similar to the one presented here:


We have changed the java temp directory and used redirect.txt with no improvement.

On most of our client computers (Windows XP) Ignition 7.5.3 projects take a long time to load (2+ minutes). The bulk of this time is in “Initializing Working Directory” and “Starting”.

We believe it must be a setting on these computer, because some boxes launch the client very quickly.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Changed the java temp dir? This doesn’t seem related. Are you using roaming profiles? The issue you linked to is about a windows feature that magically redirects a user’s home directory to somewhere else on the network.

The redirect.txt file does work for that issue, but you need to remember to put it in the user’s home directory that java sees: the one on the network.

Again, not sure how any of that relates to changing the temp dir.