Client-Launched Projects Not the Same as Designer Project

In Ignition 7.9.10,

There are several display components that are different on the client than they are in designer. For example:

  1. I have a simple chart with historical data (parts made vs. target). In designer it looks right and works. In the client on win10 it look right and works, but on R-Pi it shows a different chart with no data, different x-axis time-scale.

  2. I have a meter-component looking good in designer, scaled 0-24. But on both the win10 and R-Pi client it is scaled 0-100. It shows the right data but acts like it doesn’t know the max value is 24.

  3. I have an OEE Time Chart looking/working in designer. Showing just one line with equip state and schedule. On both clients the component is there, but there is no data at all, just the component with the time-scale across the top.

There are numerous other numeric labels and multi state indicators that all look and work perfectly on the both clients.

Does this make any sense?

I’m new to Ignition so assume rookie mistakes are possible.


  1. Have no idea without seeing more info. But it may be related to:

  2. (and possibly 3.) If you drag and drop a tag onto a component, all sorts of things get bound to different portions of a the tag. You can tell what these are by looking at the porperties of the component. They will be in bold with a little ‘link’ icon next to it. Upper and lower bounds of a meter get bound to the EngLow and EngHigh parameters of the tag. You can either delete the binding on those properties, or adjust the EngLow and EngHigh of the tag. Either way, be consistent in your projects. :wink:

Dang! Almost forgot…

Keep in mind that Windows fonts and Linux fonts are similar, but they are not the same. The kerning, the space between characters, is different.

Thanks Jordan, you were spot-on…it was actually a combination of both of those things.

Once I stared with a clean project and created new components from scratch, and did it in designer on a Pi, it all cleared up

Thank you so much for the reply, it was really helpful.