Client launcher 1.1.2 with gateway 8.0.12

Hello all,

I’m planning to upgrade my Ignition gateway from 8.0.12 to 8.1.2.

I’m wondering about the client. Can I upgrade the client launcher before upgrading the gateway?
Client launcher actual version: 1.0.12
Client launcher next version (gateway 8.1.2): 1.1.2

I did it on my computer and it seems ok. But i’d like to know if I’m gonna hit a wall at some point.


Yes you can upgrade the launcher prior to upgrading the gateway. The launchers are developed to provide broad support for different gateway versions. You should be able to use a launcher from 8.1.3 to launch a client or designer as far back as 8.0.0

Perspective workstation is the exception to that rule, as it only supports back as far as 8.1.0 due to licensing restrictions.

Good information. Thank you very much.

Another question:

Alternatively, will the old client launcher (1.0.12) work with the new gateway (8.1.2)?